Saturday, February 28, 2009

Superstar Tag Team Workout with Mark and Ted...

Me and Mark Rudolph just finished a really cool drawing exercise where we both finished(cleanup&inks) each others pencil drawings.

I followed his lead on this one and printed it out at 8 inches by around 10.5 inches. And I lightboxed it
(Redrawing it like he did is a really good idea. It helped me understand the forms and volumes and composition that he penciled that much more. When I normally ink(right over someone's original pencils) and I don't understand the drawing thoroughly, it shows... IT SHOWS...)

onto a regular sheet of paper
(I'm into inking on reg bond paper right now, the paper gets wrinkly, but seems to scan alright. I actually did the final version of "The Devil's Hand"the minicomic I did for the MINICOMICS DUMPTRUCK run by Badass Kevin Cross! ... on 11 by 17 inch regular paper)

Then I inked it with the inexpensive brush ink I bought at the Japanese grocery store
(surprisingly good blacks from it).
I then scanned it and threw on a tone in photoshop by making the tone layer a "multiply" layer.

This was a really good workout and I gotta say finishing Mark's pencils was a pleasure, there was so much to work with!
BTW this page is from Mark's superb JOHN OXBOW minicomic available here!
What can I say, the guy is "Classy" like Freddie Blassie! Ohhhh YEahhhhh!

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