Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mark and Ted's FUSIONMAN Adventure...

Here's a Fusionman Turnaround that I penciled and Mark finished (Cleanup and inks) Great take on Fusionman!

Superstar Tag Team Workout with Mark and Ted...

Me and Mark Rudolph just finished a really cool drawing exercise where we both finished(cleanup&inks) each others pencil drawings.

I followed his lead on this one and printed it out at 8 inches by around 10.5 inches. And I lightboxed it
(Redrawing it like he did is a really good idea. It helped me understand the forms and volumes and composition that he penciled that much more. When I normally ink(right over someone's original pencils) and I don't understand the drawing thoroughly, it shows... IT SHOWS...)

onto a regular sheet of paper
(I'm into inking on reg bond paper right now, the paper gets wrinkly, but seems to scan alright. I actually did the final version of "The Devil's Hand"the minicomic I did for the MINICOMICS DUMPTRUCK run by Badass Kevin Cross! ... on 11 by 17 inch regular paper)

Then I inked it with the inexpensive brush ink I bought at the Japanese grocery store
(surprisingly good blacks from it).
I then scanned it and threw on a tone in photoshop by making the tone layer a "multiply" layer.

This was a really good workout and I gotta say finishing Mark's pencils was a pleasure, there was so much to work with!
BTW this page is from Mark's superb JOHN OXBOW minicomic available here!
What can I say, the guy is "Classy" like Freddie Blassie! Ohhhh YEahhhhh!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some GREAT Children's books that stand up to the WATCHMEN graphic novel any old day!

STANLEY by Syd Hoff is GREAT!
GROVER The monster at the end of the Book is GREAT!
TIMID TIMMY Where a timid tiger has to overcome his fears to help his sick Mother! GREAT!
THE FIVE CHINESE BROTHERS Like the XMEN only way WAY better!
ANDREW HENRY'S MEADOW Great story of kids that make their own neighborhood in a meadow!