Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some GREAT Children's books that stand up to the WATCHMEN graphic novel any old day!

STANLEY by Syd Hoff is GREAT!
GROVER The monster at the end of the Book is GREAT!
TIMID TIMMY Where a timid tiger has to overcome his fears to help his sick Mother! GREAT!
THE FIVE CHINESE BROTHERS Like the XMEN only way WAY better!
ANDREW HENRY'S MEADOW Great story of kids that make their own neighborhood in a meadow!


Christopher Tupa said...

Awesome! I actually have that Grover book from when I was a kid

thefusionman said...

That was such a cool book! Your lucky you've still got it. Really involving when your a kid! Kinda like an interactive video game, only without the "video game" part.

Dave said...

I loved the Five Chinese Brothers when I was a kid. My son has the Grover book now - great stuff.