Tuesday, January 22, 2008


CLOVERFIELD was kinda disappointing... I mean, heck at first I was all into it, I really dug the scene where the main characters were on the street and the military was shooting up at the monster. I really felt like I was at ground zero in a real life godzilla movie. I thought, "Heck now THIS is a real giant monster movie, like old school! The old time Toho monster movies would focus on regular people (Like Raymond Burr, in the original American Godzilla movie). But then, at the end, UNLIKE the old time movies, there was no resolution of the monster storyline. I did like the romantic way the human storyline was resolved, but the monster storyline was not addressed. What kinda freakin', cop out, lazy, lamo ending was that?Awwww, maybe JJ was implying that the monster storyline wasn't important, and it was ultimately a love story... Okay, I'm good.The monster did look kinda lame though... (Heck, if you're makin' a monster movie, you gotta have a cool looking monster OR just DON'T show the freakin monster.)All I can say is I'm not runnin' off to watch HEROES or anything...

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