Saturday, January 26, 2008


So I find out surfin' on the NET that there's some extra stuff at the end of the movie (couple of things I won't mention-let someone else go into the spoiler details) that enhance the story. I gotta tell you, those little tidbits really made the difference for me. I went from being mildly disappointed in the flick to being pretty happy with my ticket purchase.
It's interesting how JJ made this movie to be so interactive, the viewer doesn't just watch it, but you have to "Find" the clues to really get the whole picture. Yeah, it's kinda gimmicky, but for a B monster matinee movie it really works. Even the pov of the movie makes it feel interactive, kinda like a virtual reality ride or something, being shot from the pov of the camera guy. Cool stuff.
Now all those big wigs in Hollywood have to do is make the "Hand held SUPERHERO" movie we're all waiting for! Like what Marvel did with "THE MARVELS" 4 issue comic miniseries. Make the live action feature Hollywood! 'Cmon!

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