Sunday, December 12, 2010

Latest Sketch Comic!

Here's pages 10 and 3 And 8 and 5 of my latest Sketch Comic I've been working on. I like doing these "done in one take" comic projects. For this particular one I grabbed like 4 sheets of heavy (legal size) 8.5 by 14 inch paper and started inking with some cheap black ink from the bookstore. I'm not doing any pencil roughs, which keeps the brush stroke pretty bold. After the pages are done, I'll go and paint the cover right on the book in acrylic. This is a great exercise, forcing you to compose and be adaptable with the execution of your strokes. It also ends up as a nice piece of original art!


Sherm said...

So you're drawing these in the order of the printing signature? That's WIIILD!

As usual, they're spectacular and powerful and inspiring.

thefusionman said...

Yup, it's pretty fun, just a drag to wait for the ink to dry before lettering it. Thanks Sherm!