Sunday, August 22, 2010

in touch with my feminine side...

I feel like I'm just testing the water when it comes to paint. And here's my "4 toe" water test. Can't wait to jump all the way in, or at least go waist deep!


gonzalexx said...

Great watching you get into the paint. what are you using? Acrylics?
Also, are you going straight to the canvas, or penciling in the rough?
And what size are these? on just paper, or canvas like I know it (with the wood frame?) I haven't used a standard canvas yet (painting experience has been on watercolor paper or plain sketchpad paper).
Just curious.

thefusionman said...

Thanks Jose! Likewise, it's great watching you over at the Lab! I'm roughing pencils, tho I change it once I apply acrylic. I'm working on canvas board (very inexpensive) 6" by 8" the three monstermen are on 11" by 14" Acrylic is fun, and clean waterbased media easier than oils, you can get watercolor effects but also go very thick too, danger in getting muddy tho, but overall really neat medium!