Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inspired Painting!

I'm doing a series of paintings with acrylic and canvas board and having a blast with the medium! It really is amazing how the limitations of practical painting can lead to inspired artwork! Thank you Paint Medium for being so fun to work in!


gonzalexx said...

Whoa! Ted! These paintings rock. Awesome to see your art this way! Like you say, other mediums let you express yourself differently. It's only natural. Really enjoyed these full color renditions, and I'm glad your enjoying it (guaranteed enjoyment for you and your viewers).
thanks for sharing! Billy Cole would be a good one to try, eh? Something like that one panel of him lugging a rail?

thefusionman said...

Thanks Jose! I actually never thought of doing a Billy Cole painting, I don't think of him so much in Color as B/W, though maybe... I'd like to do some SUPERMONSTERS in color tho... Some subjects really do almost cry out for a particular medium:)

Greenblatt the Great! said...

Nice paintings,Ted. Is Burn Zor your MASTERS-esque creation?