Saturday, January 26, 2008


So I find out surfin' on the NET that there's some extra stuff at the end of the movie (couple of things I won't mention-let someone else go into the spoiler details) that enhance the story. I gotta tell you, those little tidbits really made the difference for me. I went from being mildly disappointed in the flick to being pretty happy with my ticket purchase.
It's interesting how JJ made this movie to be so interactive, the viewer doesn't just watch it, but you have to "Find" the clues to really get the whole picture. Yeah, it's kinda gimmicky, but for a B monster matinee movie it really works. Even the pov of the movie makes it feel interactive, kinda like a virtual reality ride or something, being shot from the pov of the camera guy. Cool stuff.
Now all those big wigs in Hollywood have to do is make the "Hand held SUPERHERO" movie we're all waiting for! Like what Marvel did with "THE MARVELS" 4 issue comic miniseries. Make the live action feature Hollywood! 'Cmon!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I recently finished watching the FORCE FIVE GAIKING tv series (I got it off the net, if you're interested just check ebay or google it, it's out there) and that cartoon is GREAT. Really, it's great. It's kinda cheezy, like Gigantor, but it's totally done straight. Not cheezy for cheeze sake like the old Batman TV series. Cheezy but straight like Inspector Blooper, Dick Strong GIGANTOR straight.

Great story utilizing probaby for the first time a super flying battle fortress (The SPACE DRAGON). Cool story concepts and primo character designs. And I just dig the American dubbing and writing for the dubbed version.

See it!!!!


CLOVERFIELD was kinda disappointing... I mean, heck at first I was all into it, I really dug the scene where the main characters were on the street and the military was shooting up at the monster. I really felt like I was at ground zero in a real life godzilla movie. I thought, "Heck now THIS is a real giant monster movie, like old school! The old time Toho monster movies would focus on regular people (Like Raymond Burr, in the original American Godzilla movie). But then, at the end, UNLIKE the old time movies, there was no resolution of the monster storyline. I did like the romantic way the human storyline was resolved, but the monster storyline was not addressed. What kinda freakin', cop out, lazy, lamo ending was that?Awwww, maybe JJ was implying that the monster storyline wasn't important, and it was ultimately a love story... Okay, I'm good.The monster did look kinda lame though... (Heck, if you're makin' a monster movie, you gotta have a cool looking monster OR just DON'T show the freakin monster.)All I can say is I'm not runnin' off to watch HEROES or anything...